BO$$-UP teaches students important career skills in the context of building a business plan. Learn to establish, organize, and manage a small business. Entrepreneurship classes help students to understand basic business and economic principles, management theories, marketing concepts, and the role of law in business. Class projects include creating business plans and developing mock businesses. At the end of the program, students have a chance to compete for seed capital through a series of business plan competitions, from their classroom, to regionals, to The Rap Snacks Foundation’s national competitions.

BO$$-UP gives students real-world training and experience in full structure business functionality. Students learn each part of a business (top-down) by actually running each part of the business: product development, marketing, sales, distribution, wholesale and retail relationships.


Rap Snacks BOSS-UP was formed for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. BOSS-UP is the youth entrepreneurship arm of The Rap Snacks Foundation

BO$$-UP is an Enhanced-Entrepreneurship afterschool and summer development program, BOSS-UP utilizes instructional technology, emphasizes Financial Literacy & Economic Empowerment, Leadership Skills and focuses especially on the STEM disciplines–Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and how they impact and enhance the entrepreneur.

The program intends to offer high school (9-12 grade) students a safe, healthy, caring, and enriching environment, by engaging students with long-term, structured learning in partnership with teachers, parents, local businesses and their communities. The program addresses the cognitive, social, and emotional needs of youth and program participants through focus on their interests and teaching them how to turn their interests into empowering enterprises. The program will utilize embedded entrepreneurial technologies, STEM study, and practical leadership development applications to teach young people – the ability to creatively find solutions for the various problems that exist in society, i.e., the “spirit of entrepreneurship,”

BO$$-UP will utilize best practices research based and sustained program delivery and evaluation to address shortcomings and ensure program success. BO$$-UP will implement continuous program evaluation to measure student success, improve outcomes and align student improvements with public school curriculum. We will endeavor to be a top notch after program, ensuring that students will be prepared for the future and be inspired to matriculate successfully from high school and much beyond.

BO$$-UP Intends to Deliver:

• Applicable Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) tools in entrepreneurship • How to launch a business: incorporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation, etc.

• Product production, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail

• How to market your products and services

• Developing your brand

• How to choose a logo

• How launch a website, create online presence, generate online business

• Leadership Skills

• Networking

• Financial Literacy


• To encourage students to become self-confident entrepreneurs through applied knowledge and hands-on learning. To encourage critical and creative thinking, problem solving, decisionmaking, cooperative skills, ownership of and responsibility for their financial futures and well being.


• Safety and a structured caring environment that is nurturing and supportive by promoting participant self-worth.

• Sense of belonging and membership in a close-knit environment by advocating respect and appreciation for each participant.

• Independence and control of participant’s own learning that is guided by self-awareness and the ability to succeed and mature as independent proactive learners.

• Successful, positive and productive members of society

• Preparedness and readiness for success – academic success and job readiness, financial independence • Skill-sets and tools to be their own BOSS!