50 Cent’s New Show Examines Unsolved Hip Hop Murders

50 Cent’s New Show Examines Unsolved Hip Hop Murders

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50 Cent is owning the television scene. After serving as the Executive Producer of Power he signed a new four-year, exclusive deal with Starz worth $150 million to produce new shows, including Power Books 2 - 5, Black Mafia Family and others. It was recently announced that 50 will try his hand at tackling a number of hip hop’s unsolved murders. Who killed Biggie and Tupac? We just might find out on “Hip Hop Homicides.”

The new show is an 8-part investigative series that will closely explore leads and dig into the facts of a variety of unsolved cases. Not only will it look at high profile cases like Biggie and Tupac but also, a number of lesser known cases in the hip hop community. The show will air on WeTV and the streaming service ALLBLK. This latest move is just one of many by 50. In the past he launched G-Unit Records, G-Unit Clothing, and made $150 million after Glacéau, which 50 invested in, was acquired by Coca-Cola. 50 keeps proving that “entertainers” are also capable of directing the product and that they have the business savvy to also become kingmakers. 

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