Cardi B Is Collecting Mansions

Cardi B Is Collecting Mansions

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What do you give the girl that has everything? Real estate. Cardi B has cracked the billion streams club on Spotify, entered the elte circle of grammy winners and built a business empire. So naturally, real estate is the next move and Cardi B has quietly been amassing an impressive portfolio of properties. 


Cardi purchased a dream home for her mother in 2018. The $1.5 million New Jersey property features eight bedrooms, a home theater, finished basement and several other amenities. In 2019 Cardi B and her husband, rapper Offset, set their sights on a 22,000 square foot estate in the Atlanta area. The home features an indoor shooting range and four-car garage. Cardi B and Offset have also gotten into the investment property game, after Offset surprised his wife with a four-story, six-bedroom mansion in the Dominican Republic. The property rents on airbnb for around $900 a night. 

Some people rap until they can’t anymore and others build so that they can leave a legacy. Cardi B, along with her husband is making investments in assets that will appreciate and in investment properties that will continue to generate income. Maybe you don’t have a mansion budget but why not aim for a 2-bedroom starter home? The blueprint, regardless of tax bracket, is the exact same.

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