Everyone Wants To Be Rap Snacks

Everyone Wants To Be Rap Snacks

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Rap Snacks made the connection between rap and food back in 1994 and now everyone wants in. Cheez-It has announced a partnership with Pandora to create what they are calling "the first-ever sonically-aged cheese snack." The company is selling limited-edition Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers exclusively through Cheez-It's online shop. Listening to the sound of the music is one thing but capturing the soul of it and infusing it into the food is another and that’s the Rap Snacks distinction.

Rap Snacks flavors are inspired by the culture. Each seasoning, every spice and kick come from an authentic place in an effort to manifest through taste what is felt in the soul. That’s why our flavor offerings are wholly unique. Music in and of itself doesn’t flavor food: people inspired by the music create flavorings that reflect the music. Rap Snacks can’t be duplicated, ever. We are from the culture and we authentically reflect the best of it in all that we do. Rap Snacks is also universal– just as hip hop has crossed over to being the number one genre of music for all to share, Rap Snacks is a brand that resonates with everyone.

There is an obvious connection between hip hop and food, that much is obvious. What is less evident on the surface is that manifesting the soul of the music through food isn’t automatic, nor is it easy.

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