Meet With A Mogul: The Creative Director Of Rap Snacks

Meet With A Mogul: The Creative Director Of Rap Snacks

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He’s the creative director for Rap Snacks and one of the brilliant minds behind the Iverson Classic and the Big 3 league.

Jai Manselle’s logo has appeared on 60 million products to date and his film production projects have reached 1 billion screens. He’s called the “King of Branding” and for good reason. Now you have an opportunity to learn the game directly from the man himself. If you’d like to meet this mogul, listen up.

It’s deeper than Rap Snacks. As a brand we’re focused on elevating the entire community and entrepreneurs are a core part of it. Meet With A Mogul is the biggest investment we can make into aspiring entrepreneurs, to give them access to the most dynamic moguls from our community, men and women who wish to give back in a substantive way. Jai Manselle has scaled the highest mountains as a professional. His creative genius has powered the largest brands on the planet– Apple, Reebok, Dwayne Wade and New Era to name a few – and he’s looking now to empower others.

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