Money Lessons Learned From Your Favorite Artists

Money Lessons Learned From Your Favorite Artists

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Missing one paycheck is hard but missing 30 or so is crippling. Similar to other professionals, artists today rely heavily on one income stream. Their main revenue stream is from appearances and live performances. When the entire world shut down for over a year, so did the money for many artists. The current climate forced artists to be strategic and diversify their income streams by seeking other opportunities and profitable brand partnerships, putting them in a better position if one source of income fails. The lesson learned is that you never put all your eggs in one basket.


As a national consumer packaged goods brand, Rap Snacks continues to find ways to partner with artists by providing them a new stream of income. The pandemic stopped live shows but it didn’t stop anyone from snacking. In fact, snacking was up some 30% in the early days of the pandemic, according to Mondelez International, maker of Oreos and other brands. 

As a community, we can all share in the wealth. Rap Snacks is dedicated to making sure we all have multiple pieces of the pie. From the workers in our production facilities, our entrepreneurial initiatives and influencer programs to the rappers on the bags, everyone can eat.

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