Oowee Fest '22

Oowee Fest '22

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Some brands celebrate Black History Month but we live it 365. We put every dollar we can find towards the progression of Black people and we are intentional about our every move. 


For Black History Month, the Rap Snacks brand is going EXTRA hard!!! All month we’re investing in Black owned businesses, paying black influencers and celebrating all things Black! Rap Snacks is proud to present “Oowee Fest: A Celebration of US”!  An unending parade of content representing our culture-- the people, food, music, dance, influencers, Black businesses, student athletes, HBCU bands and of course, our history. 

Oowee Fest will feature curated content, giveaways, in-store activations of product sampling as well as one-on-one mentoring opportunities. During this month it will be a culture overload that will have you saying, "Oowee!" It’s more than interesting facts and firsts, this month we’re displaying what is and helping to illuminate the possibilities of what could be. Not only that, we’re helping young entrepreneurs and influencers BossUp with all the resources they need to transition to their highest potential. Oowee Fest will celebrate and uplift the culture, build Black commerce and thrill you, over and over again. Get ready. This is Rap Snacks’ Black History Month celebration and a reminder of our commitment to building up Black people. This month, we're bringing our culture to the world. 

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