Who Can Compete With Our Starting 5?

Who Can Compete With Our Starting 5?

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Your agent and shoe contract don’t matter if my starting 5 is better than yours. There are brands with larger marketing budgets for sure but name one with a starting lineup that can compete with Rap Snacks. Our Fab Five potato chips, pound for pound, deliver more flavor, higher quality and more street cred than any other brand. Take your best shot, name 5 potato chip flavors from any brand you want, Rap Snacks reigns supreme. 


1. Lil Baby’s All In


Who says you can't have it all? Lil Baby's All In potato chips have no chill when it comes to combining your favorite flavors. Starting with real potatoes, we don't stop, bringing distinct notes of salt & vinegar, BBQ, onion, garlic, and more! For those who need it all, this bag is All In.


2. Rick Ross’ Sweet Chili Lemon Pepper


Lemon pepper provides the base, and sweet chili glazes the melody for this lyrical, instant snack classic. Rick Ross' Sweet Chili Lemon Pepper is a spicy twist on classic lemon pepper, infused with a sweet, subtle chili flavor. Made from real potatoes and perfectly laced with a mouth-pleasing fusion of sweet/citrus spice. This bag is flavor overload.

3. Cardi B’s Cheddar Bar-B-Que


Imagine the perfect honey barbecue taste, then press "remix" to blend in the cheddar. Cardi B's Cheddar Bar-B-Que chips perfectly capture the artist's one-of-a-kind creativity and insistence on bringing the flavor. Made with real potatoes, this snack gives you richness and depth of flavor!

4. Boosie’s Louisiana Heat


There's heat, and then there's Louisiana Heat. Lil Boosie's Louisiana-style potato chips capture the spirit and spice of New Orleans cooking like no other. This wavy, tasty chip is made from real potatoes and packs high heat and a big crunch. Not for amateurs! If you're ready for Louisiana heat, grab a bag today.


5. Migos’ Sour Cream With A Dab of Ranch


Migos makes The "Dab" what it is, just like sour cream is just ordinary without a dab of ranch. Migos' Sour Cream with a Dab Of Ranch revives a classic taste with the same freshness that brought you the hottest rap trio to ever do it. Made with real potatoes and smooth sour cream, a dab of ranch takes this traditional snack to uncharted space.

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